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Communiction for Pharma Industry

Communication for Pharma Industry Professionals

Effective Technical Writing for Pharma Submissions

An instructor led or at distance workshop in writing techniques and best practices designed specifically to get your authors to write clear messages for regulatory agencies such as the FDA and EMA -- customized for specific documents types, including NDAs, BLAs, meeting packages, etc.

Efficient Reviewing of Regulatory Submissions

A workshop that focusing on best practices in conducting internal company reviews of your regulatory submissions, including how to write actionable comments that improve your documents.

Best Practices for Scientific Presentations

A two-day workshop that shows scientists how to present complex information clearly and powerfully to both technical and managerial audiences, dealing with presentation flow, individual slide design, and oral presentation to small and large groups.

Writing Non-Conformance and Deviation Reports

Focused training and consulting to help your investigators write clear concise reports that can meet regulatory scrutiny.

Writing Consulting at the Point of Need

Tight deadlines? Critical submissions that need Improvement? Complex reports that need greater clarity and focus? We can help with consulting ”at the point of need.”

Customized Communication Training

Custom Communication Training

PowerPoint for Consultants

Based on principles used by top consulting firms, this one-day workshop teaches consultants and researchers how to meet the tough challenges in building effective PowerPoint decks, creating slides that are both easy to present AND easy to read without a speaker.

Executive Ready Presentations

Learn how to create an “Executive Ready Presentation” so that when you get in front of senior leadership, the presentation is powerful, persuasive, and right for the audience

Structuring Complex Communication

A customized training program, Structuring Complex Communication™ is designed to help knowledge workers and content experts convey complex information to both technical and non-technical audiences. 

Strategic Communication

A one-day workshop offering proven techniques for developing an effective communication strategy addressing real audiences and accomplishing real goals. Participants will leave with a well-thought out communication plan.

Writing and Editing

Writing and Editing

Crafting Technical Documents

Do you have critical technical documents that your own people are struggling to write?  Are the readers of your documents confused and uncertain about content? Key messages? What they should do with the information? Or how to respond?  We can help your authors directly or write them ourselves.

Developing Work Instructions and SOPs

Easy to follow – and correct – work instructions and SOPs are essential in any manufacturing business, but are often suboptimal. Communication Partners can provide a range of services to improve these documents, including developing templates, writing model documents, and training your people how to write them.

"Add a Communication Expert to Your Team"

Do you have a critical writing project or presentation that HAS to be excellent, especially with a tight deadline?  Add an expert from Communication Partners to ensure that your subject matter experts create documents and presentations that are persuasive and easy to read, no matter how complex.

Communication Consulting and Coaching

Consulting and Coching

Custom Solutions

In addition to these specific solutions, we can help with any unique business and technical communication challenge you face.  We can customize the engagement to meet your needs and budget.

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