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Strategic Communication Workshop

Every day you and your organization communicate--but is this communication well-planned to achieve its goals?  Is it sufficiently strategic?  Communication Partners offers a customized one-day workshop, Strategic Communication, designed to help executives and senior managers harness the power of communication to accomplish business goals


What is strategic communication?

On an organizational level, strategic communication moves the company in the right direction, getting internal and external audiences “on board” for initiatives or corporate-wide efforts. On an individual level, strategic communication helps an executive or manager get things done--whether it’s getting a colleague to collaborate, a subordinate to execute a task, or a boss to agree to an idea.

What you will learn in this workshop



















This workshop teaches you proven techniques for developing an effective communication strategy designed to address real audiences and accomplish real goals. At the heart of our method is a thorough strategic communication model that culminates in a well-thought out communication plan.



In the workshop, you will learn to use this model to:

  • Identify specific communication goals that support your business goals

  • Dialogue effectively with stakeholders to learn what is important to them

  • Identify the key strategic messages to achieve your goals

  • Design and deliver communication that speaks to stakeholders

  • Clarify meaning to minimize misunderstanding, wasted time, and negative emotions

  • Plan feedback/measurement methods to ensure that communication achieves its goal

  • Develop reflective practices that help you develop your communication expertise

This model is effective for all strategic communication tasks -- from a one-time communication between a boss and subordinate to communicating a large-scale business change across the organization. Applying the model consistently means you will engage in a disciplined process and be in control of what and how you communicate.  It also helps you create a productive communication environment, generating trust and rapport across the organization.


Customized to your needs

We customize the Strategic Communication workshop to your needs.  Before any workshop delivery, we work with you to learn about  the culture of communication in your organization.  Then we develop specific examples and cases studies using communication challenges from your business, so our methodology applies directly to your organization. Consequently, participants immediately understand the practicality of our approach.

Contact us today to learn how our Strategic Communication workshop an help your firm.

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