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Structuring Complex Communication

No matter what your  technical discipline – accounting, finance, engineering, information technology, the biological or physical sciences – or the work product – report, email, speech, or instructions – our seminar gives you the tools and techniques to communicate the most complicated and technically challenging material.


And communicate that information clearly, concisely, and completely.


Meeting the challenges of communicating complex information


As a content expert, have your ever been faced with these communication challenges?


Your audience needs the entire data and information picture for a complete and thorough record.  But you’re concerned that if you present all the information, they will be overwhelmed.


You want to make your document or speech comprehensible to everyone. Yet, you worry that you may oversimplify highly technical content.


Last-minute flexibility is essential to incorporate new information, but you’re concerned about smoothly integrating new material while still maintaining coherence.


Structuring Complex Communication ™ will help you meet these challenges. Our program helps technical and content experts produce documents and presentations that are:


  • Organized with precision logic, even as they addresses highly complex and/or highly technical business or scientific material

  • Easy for a non-technical audience to understand, while insightful for expert audiences

  • Useful as an ongoing reference


To achieve these goals, we have developed a proprietary 5-step process, which can apply across all document and work-product types: emails, reports, speeches, memos. Within that 5-step process, we adapt the Minto Pyramid Principle – a method of structuring communication that his highly effective in organizing complex information.


We customize Structuring Complex Communication™ with your firm's business content, often showing dramatic before-and-after examples.  Our seminar then gives your colleagues an opportunity to revise their work on the spot for instant improvement, both individually and in teams.  As a result, the training becomes immediately relevant and applicable.


Bottom line?


Content experts who have attended our training find our approach a revelation. They move into their next communication project with the tools necessary to communicate any complex material to any audience.


Contact us today to learn how Structuring Complex Communication™ can help you or your firm.

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