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PowerPoint for Consultants

Designed to meet the challenges of complex PowerPoint decks

Communication Partners offers a customized training program, PowerPoint for Consultants™ designed to help consultants and researchers meet the tough challenges in building effective PowerPoint decks.

Consultants and researchers often must structure large and complex decks that present detailed analyses of quantitative and qualitative data. Moreover, these presentations typically need to make a persuasive argument. But most PowerPoint training does not address such PowerPoint documents; instead PowerPoint is viewed as if it were a visual aid behind a speaker, with the role of focusing audience attention.

A different approach

PowerPoint for Consultants™ takes a different approach. Our program helps consulting and research organizations produce PowerPoint decks that are:

  • Well-structured - with a clear logic that the audience will understand, even as the deck addresses complex business and technical material

  • Deliverable for a speaker- easy for a speaker to use in a stand-up presentation

  • Stand-alone for a reader - easy for a reader to understand as a stand-alone document, particularly if emailed or read by someone who hasn’t attended the presentation

To achieve these goals, we have adapted key principles of Barbara Minto’s Pyramid Principle – a method of structuring communication initially developed at McKinsey Consulting.  Our seminar applies those principles specifically to PowerPoint presentations and reports (something that Minto’s book, The Pyramid Principle, does not do).  We then complement the Pyramid Principle with our proprietary approach to structuring and sequencing slides.

In addition, PowerPoint for Consultants™ focuses on best practices in designing individual slides and their components —headlines, tables, graphs, diagrams, and bullet points.

We customize PowerPoint for Consultants™ with your firm's business content and presentations, often showing dramatic before-and-after examples.  Our seminar then gives your colleagues an opportunity to re-work their presentations on the spot for instant improvement. As a result, the training becomes immediately relevant and applicable.

Bottom line?

Consultants who have attended our training and employed our principles say that their presentations not only communicate more effectively, but are also faster to write . . . and faster for teams to write collaboratively using the structured method we teach.

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