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Efficient Reviewing of Regulatory Submissions

Today, nobody is a “sole author” of a business or technical document/presentation.  Everything gets reviewed and commented upon. Ideally, a successful document is a coordinated team effort.


But that ideal is very hard to achieve. Why?


Because those who review documents often do so in suboptimal ways. Think about the Microsoft Word documents you’ve seen with dozens of “track changes” revisions and comment bubbles sprinkled everywhere – some useful, some not.


We call that “reviewing hell.”


You can escape that “reviewing hell.”  Communication Partners can help you escape, specifically by:

  • Analyzing and optimizing your review process – Your organization can streamline the process from creation to final draft. For example, by formalizing roles and responsibilities at each phase, with circumscribed “rules of engagement” at each phase, documents can move through the pipeline in an efficient and timely manner.

  • Training reviewers how to comment – There are right ways to make comments and suggest changes, and there are inefficient and incorrect ways. We can train your reviewers how to make productive and useful comments that can lead to a stronger, more persuasive document.

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