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Best Practices for Scientific Presentations

Designed to meet the challenges of PowerPoint decks communicating complex scientific information

Communication Partners offers a customized workshop, PowerPoint for Scientists,™  helping scientists meet the tough challenges in building and delivering effective PowerPoint decks to communciate their research findings and insights to both peers and the general public.

Scientists need to present to non-technical business people or generalist executives. As wellas  research findings at large scale conferences, at small group settings to fellow scientists. 

Typically, these presentations need to accomplish two conflicting tasks. On the one hand, they need to convey the complexity, depth, and significance of the research work, without engaging in superficial summaries. On the other hand, the PowerPoint presentation needs to be easily and quickly understood, both for experts in the field as well as sophsiticated non-experts..

Conveying complexity clearly

PowerPoint for Scientists™ gives researchers and scientists the tools to balance the need for conveying the depth, complexity, and significance of research -- yet doing so clearly and concisely.

Our program can helps scientists produce PowerPoint presentations that are:

  • Well structured - with a clear logic that  multiple audiences (including non-scientific laypeople) will understand, even as slides address complex science content

  • Deliverable - easy to use in a stand-up presentation, projected on a screen

  • Stand alone - Easy for a reader to understand as a stand-alone document, particularly if emailed or read by someone who hasn’t attended the presentation


To achieve these goals, we provide a memorable methodology that shows authors how to create a communication strategy, organize content, and design individual slides that capture the science content with precision and clarity.

In addition, PowerPoint for Scientists™ focuses on best practices in designing individual slides and their components — tables, graphs, diagrams, figures, and bullet points.

We customize PowerPoint for Scientists™ with your scientific content and presentations, often showing dramatic before-and-after examples.  Our seminar then gives participants the opportunity to re-work their presentations on the spot for instant improvement. As a result, the training becomes immediately relevant and applicable.

Bottom line?

Scientists who have attended our training and employed our principles say that their presentations not only communicate more effectively, but are also faster to write . . . and faster for teams to write collaboratively using the structured method we teach.

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