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Crafting Technical Documents

Writing a useful and easy-to-read technical document is a challenge, particularly for subject matter experts.  A writer has to be precise and thorough, so the right content and level of detail is there. At the same the language has to smooth and seamless, allowing a reader to easily digest complex technical material.

At Communication Partners, we can help your authors craft readable  technical documents. We have authored, edited, and consulted on complex documents in a range of industries such as energy, construction, engineering, media, medicine, and software.  Some of our projects included:

  • Writing/editing an extensive set of budgeting/invoicing policy documents for a major media company

  • Producing an online and paper-based user guide and tutorials for complex proprietary software

  • Consulting with metallurgical firm on structuring client reports

  • Designing an executive summary for a pharma company’s annual product review

  • Consulting a coordinating with a team of accomplished academics as they wrote a multi-chapter proposal on protective technology for a government military institution

Why should you engage us as you produce complex technical documents? Simple:

We aren’t intimidated by technical detail:  We know that, with just a few exceptions, any complex material in any discipline can be understood by any intelligent person, if it is written well and communicated clearly. We love learning about these complex subjects and can quickly get up to speed.

We get to the heart of the matter:  We work with your people to get clear ideas down – and THEN add on the technical detail.

We know how to use tables, graphs, and information displays: We know best practices, and can ensure that your information displays enlighten your readers, not overwhelm them.

We know documents:  We know to organize them – whether they are short or hundreds of pages. We know what makes a great executive summary.  We know how to craft succinct key messages that set the stage for complex material.

Let us help you on your next project.

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